Committee announcement

The Management Committee of the
Charitable Foundation
PO Box 167 Argostoli, PC. 28100 
Tel / Fax: 26710-81752 

The Managing Authority of Charitable Foundation “DIMITRAKIS MILLAS BEQUEST” took up their duties under No. 53962/473/29-9-2011 Approval of the General Secretary of Peloponnese, West. Greece and the Ionian Sea Decentralised Administration.

Our first task is to safeguard the legitimate rights of the bequest, according to the law.

The purpose of the establishment and operation of “DIMITRAKIS MILLAS BEQUEST” is still the dedication of bequests, movable and immovable property for serving the public interest as determined both by the original intention of our testator and benefactor and by applicable laws.

“DIMITRAKIS MILLAS BEQUEST” is a State Endowment and its operation and management are based on the Public Interest.

It is considered public property and as such enjoys the special protection provided by applicable laws against any illegal wishes.

We are sure that all public authorities concerned, the municipality, the local police and prosecutors and every citizen will help our effort to safeguard the purposes served by “DIMITRAKIS MILLAS BEQUEST” .

It should be needless to emphasize that we intend to take every necessary legal action, with the assistance of the relevant local authorities, to preserve the integrity of the bequest and its public caracter, in favor of the citizens of our municipality.

The Managing Authority remains available to all interested parties for any further information or clarification.

For the Managing Authority
The Chairman
Nikolaos Millas

Thiramona Cephalonia
P.O. Box 167 Argostoli, Post Code 28100
Tel./Fax : +30 26710-81752
Contact Email: