Dimitrakis Millas’ will

The following will was published by the Bratsovo Romanian court, on 2/10/1939:

The undersigned Dimitrios Millas, resident of Bucharest, Parkul Dalavrantsea No 3, in my wish to come to an agreement with my duties and my social and family feelings, I express the wish that the following actions should be fullfilled after my death.

1. My movable property in Romania consists of the following:

1a. Cash deposited in Romanian Bank, in current account,247.830 Lei.

1b. Government/State bonds and shares deposited in Romaneaska Bank, worth 2.118.500 Lei (two million, one hundred eighteen thousand and five hundred Lei) nd 5.000 (five thousand) with dollar price 62.1/9 Lei 522.437.

1c. In No 2215-1784 and  2216-1156 safe deposit boxes of the National Bank of Romania, the rent for which has been paid until 23rd December 1939, I keep 30,000 Lei cash as proved by the note of the General Book of receipts.

2. I define that the above movable property of mine should be allocated as follows;

a. My last and final wish is to be transported and buried in my birthplace, the Community of Theramona, Greece. I wish to be buried in the courtyard of my house which I have bought from Batistaki. There should also be set up a burial monument where only my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi will be buried if they wish so. My wish  is that  6 small statues, depicting my father John, my mother Zoitsa, my first wife Pigi, my second wife Eleni, my daughter Pigi and myself, will be placed over and around  this burial monument.

b. An ambulance for the transportation of patients, worth more than 200.000 Lei (two hundred thousand Lei) should be purchased  and donated to the hospital of  Braila, the town where I lived for many years and where we own a tomb in which my  first wife Pigi and my father John, are buried. This should be done only in case I haven’t done it myself in the meantime.

c. A big bell should be bought and placed in the tower, called “Kabana”, in Argostoli, Greece, to strike the hours. Also a plaque with the names ERNEST TOUL and Dimitrios Millas carved on the plaque as it was late ERNEST TOUL himself who had suggested doing this together with myself.

d. Two grand bells should be purchased and donated to the church of St. Ioannis , in my birthplace Theramona.

All the above acts cited in points a, b, c, d shall be paid from my movable property which has been mentioned above.

The rest should be allocated as follows:

My wife Eleni shall receive 25% (twenty-five per cent)
My daughter Pigi shall receive 25%(twenty-five per cent)
The bequest  (Dimitriou Milla, his wife Eleni and his daughter Pigi’s) shall receive 50% (fifty per cent).

My wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi can receive 25% each immediately.

The eternal bequest of 50% shall be deposited in the National Bank of Greece in Argostoli which shall be doing all payments according to the present will. Until then Bank Romaneaska shall carry out all payments.

The annual net income 50% (fifty per cent) of the bequest shall be divided into two halves. One half shall be deposited capital of the bequest while the other half shall come to my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi. That is 25% to my wife Eleni and 25% to my daughter Pigi for as long as they are alive. After their death this half shall come to the eternal bequest.

I leave my immovable property in Cephalonia :
a. To the bequest “Dimitriou Milla along with my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi’s”.

b. However, the net annual income, after the deduction of the expenses for the maintenance of my houses, shall be distributed between my wife and my daughter equally , by one second each.

c. My wife Eleni shall manage my whole immovable property in Cephalonia and shall have the right to reside in my house which I bought from Batistaki, without having to pay any kind of rent. After her death, her right over half  the management and the income  shall be deposited in the capital of the bequest   in Romaneaska Bank for its safe keeping and payments.

d. Half the income and the right to stay in one room in my Batistaki house whenever she comes to Cephalonia, is left to my daughter Pigi. There is also the option for her to reside  the whole house, if she wishes so and if my wife Eleni passes away before her, until her death. After her death the right of receiving half the income comes to the capital of the bequest.

e. As for the immovable property in Cephalonia which I inherited from my grandfather, Dimitrio Milla, along with my uncle Spyros Millas , half the property each, and which belongs to me as I am the only heir of my father, I leave it to the heirs of Spyros Millas to benefit them on the whole.

f. The real estates which my father bought in Cephalonia, according to official records and documents and which I own as my father’s only heir, shall be allocated between myself and the heirs  who should be grateful as it is widely known that these estates were bought with my father’s money.

Otherwise if the heirs are opposed to any injustice, I myself or the Bequest shall sadly have to ask for my rights back and  revoke everything I have left them above in order to benefit them.

Right after my death, there should be elected a commitee for the management of the Bequest for four (4) years which shall be consisted of two (2) church wardens from the church of St Ioannis in the Community if Theramona, Greece , two(2) church wardens from the church of St Dimitrios and one member from the Millas family, who should be one of the most respectful ones and reside permanently in  Cephalonia.

The four (4) church wardens should be elected in secret ballot by the parishioners of the two churches, among the most respectable, honest and efficient ones and shall be approved by the Mayor and the Judge of Chionata, Eleiou.  The member of the Millas family shall be appointed by the Judge of Chionata.

It is understood that these five (5) members will have the right to vote on equal terms and the majority shall be approved by the Mayor and the Judge of  Chionata.

The management of this commitee shall be annual with financial balance and could be checked at any time by the Mayor  and the Judge of Chionata. The management should be approved if it is in order or the commitee should be dismissed in case of disorder and the Judge should command a new  commitee be elected in the way described above.     

4. As for the use of the income, my wish is as follows:

a. There should be tree plantings , of fruitful trees such as olive trees, lemon trees, almond trees, etc. in all communities of Eleiou. These trees should be bought by the Agricultural School. The more trees planted the better, so there will be production in two years. The plantings should take place in any area without trees, either mountainous, rocky or seaside, in a way that these areas shall be tree-covered in a very short time. The trees shall then be distributed by the above committee after the approval of the Mayor and the Judge of Chionata.

b. Fountains should be constructed for supplying water to the community of Theramona and all other communities of Eleiou, wherever it is needed.

c. A school for boys and girls shall be founded in my house, bought from Batistaki, after the death of my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi’s.  On 26th October, St Dimitrios celebration along with St Ioannis celebration, every year, there should be a memorial service when me, my late lamented father, Ioannis who is buried in Braila, my mother Zoitsa, who is buried in the courtyard of St Ioannis church in Cephalonia, my first wife Pigi, who is also buried in our tomb in Braila, my late uncle Spyros Millas and all late members of the Millas family.

5. I request my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi  respect my last wish as I have always taken good care of them through this will of mine for as long as they are alive.

In any opposite case, of ingratitude from anybody dissatisfied who would probably claim or demand anything more either orally, in writing or in court, they should lose their right to get even a penny from their share which automatically comes to the property of the bequest “Dimitriou Milla” or to my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi.

It is known to all that when I had everybody had.

I worked with honesty, dignity and modesty and managed to save enough in deprivation, so we all must be contented with the small fortune that was left to us from the battle of life and is enough for me to live humbly and decently. As mortal as we are, our duty and satisfaction must be to leave good acts behind us which are sacred and remain in eternity.

I am convinced that my wife Eleni and my daughter Pigi shall gladly accept and respect this holly will and wish of mine and I pray with all my heart and believe, deserve and wish happiness to all without exception.

May God help us all.

Now, I bid all of you the last and eternal greeting.
From now on, I shall not be able to address you in any way but you should always bear in mind that I loved you all and blessed you all until my dying breath.

This will was written by myself in Bucharest, today 24th July 1938 and signed in my own hand. It was reviewed today 12th July 1939 as the last valid one.

Dimitrios Millas

Parkul Dalavrantsea No.3 Bucharest

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